Sir Syed Montessori Environment

Our Montessori program is aimed at the holistic development of the child. We believe in the innate potential of each child. By exploring and nurturing this potential we make them groomed into better individuals. From this academic year we have decided to follow the preschool curriculum of Whystles. Whystles is a competency based early childhood curriculum that coalesces the learning and techniques of world-renowned Early Childhood Education practices. By distilling the best practices from these, Whystles has succeeded in developing a programme that is perfectly mapped to International framework and standards. By giving children experiences that are not confined to the boundaries of one school of thought, the curriculum ensures children develop all the essential skills they need for today and tomorrow’s global demands.
The curriculum helps the children:
• To set the foundation for lifelong learning through developmentally
appropriate practices.
• To make a difference in the lives learning in a structured and stimulating
• To have material experiences that are grounded on early childhood
• To enrich partnership and support with other children, their families,
school and the community.
Moreover, Whystles strives to unfold the innate abilities of children, by
fostering exploration, experimentation and exposure to nurture their own
life experiences.


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