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The school provides transport facility to the students through its own buses for

transporting the students from different localities to the school and vice-versa.

A small cafeteria with healthy home-made snacks work in the campus. This helps staff and students to refresh themselves in the recess time. Lunch is not provided in the cafeteria.

Sir Syed has a spacious computer lab with enough computers for all the students. The computers are softwared with the latest programmes that enable students’ learning

Digiclass – is an ICT-based solution adhering to CBSE-Syllabus and is aided with
multimedia-based interactive content. It not only empowers teachers to transform traditional blackboard and chalk classrooms into interactive sessions but makes the classroom sessions more interactive, interesting, comprehensive and effective through audio-visual approach. Digiclass involves the flagship product of Extramarks – a massive multimedia resource library for delivery of subjects in a collaborative way in the classroom. This tool is effectively being used by the teachers in the Grades 1-12 to enhance the teaching process with animations, videos and diagrams for the better retention of tedious and challenging concepts.

There are well-equipped laboratories for the young aspiring scientists to prove their scientific skills. The laboratory equipments are often updated. Labs also give students the opportunity to make real scientific contributions through experimenting and learning. They also provide lessons about the scientific process, the importance of reporting standards and the value of openness.

Sir Syed students experience the joy of discovering Mathematics concepts through exploration. Math lab helps them to enjoy hands-on Math learning and bring them closer to Maths. It is a place for students to discover Mathematics by doing. We try to realize experiential learning in our Math Lab. Periods are allocated from Montessori to Class 10. Inside the lab, we have arranged concrete models, real-life examples, activity-based mathematical structures, etc from Algebra & Geometry.

The school has a well-stocked library (besides class libraries), reading room and audio visual centres with adequate facilities for study and reference. Classics, fiction, travelogues, dictionaries, encyclopedias and children’s books constitute the library. Magazines, journals and newspapers adorn the library. The children’s reading abilities are also monitored. Latest arrivals are often displayed by the librarian on the notice board. Books are added to the Library at regular intervals. A maximum of two books are issued per week to all students during library hours.

Regular health checkup is done to monitor the physical growth of students. Health campaign is always emphasized during the assembly and along with the Ministry of Health, vaccination campaigns and other health programmes are also organized in the school.



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