Co-Scholastic Activities

Co-Scholastic activities form integral part of a student’s life as they bring about all round development in them. Students will have a wide choice of activities

according to their interests, such as painting, paper art, public speaking, debate and art classes. The students from I to XII are divided into four houses. They represent these houses in the School Youth Festival, where their talent has always been recognized, encouraged and nurtured. Through a variety of co scholastic and extra-curricular programs and activities Sir Syed is preparing students for life.

  • Music


  • Performing Arts / Sports

Dance (Indian Classical) | Karate | Yoga | Chess & Cube

  • Fine Arts

Drawing & Painting | Glass Painting | Craft

  • Clubs

Eco & Science Club Language Clubs

Maths Club Club of Letters

Social Science Club Moral Science Club

Arts Club IT Club ยท

Sports Club


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