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Counselling and Career Development

Physical & Mental Fitness

Karate & Yoga Classes are being conducted by experts giving stress to the aim of achieve overall capability and fitness


We give apt, prompt and effective counselling to our students, whenever and wherever they are in need of it. Those students who possess personal academic problems are dealt with, with utmost sincerity by means of proper counselling, then and there. Those gloomy and morose faces are not to be seen anywhere now. Every nook and corner, glistens with bright eyes and resplendent children; Intellectual Assessment:Periodical Intellectual assessment is done among the students, in order to identify and enrich their branches of intelligence; as per the multiple intelligence theory. Time-Management Training is also given at the apt time.

ABACUS Training

To open eyes to the world of figures and develop mathematics skill ABACUS TRAINING is being provided to students interested in it.


"Food for thought and Boost for Brain"

Weak students are provided with ‘Brain Gym’ to relieve them of mental constriction whereby they could rid themselves off their, stress, strain and tensions. Rigorous exercises are given to their brains, letting them attuned and receptive to the complex ideas fed into them .A vivid, conspicuous change can be beheld in their attitude towards learning and life, at large !

l Stress Busters make our children, free of stress”. This Psychological approach cleans our ‘nest’ of inhibitions and let their eyes twinkle with self-esteem and faces dazzle with self appraisal

Language-Competency tests and Mental Ability Tests are conducted very often, to skim and scan. Their eagerness to ponder new vistas of knowledge in Science and technology is fulfilled. They proved to be not only Discoverers , but also young Scientists; who can invent new gadgets!



Be Prepared is our motto

'Sir Syed' has started a 'Scout/Guide Unit' comprising of students from classes fifth and above. ‘ Be Prepared’ is their motto. They have vacation camps and are given strict training, how to be ‘The Best individual”, upholding values, courage,faith and dauntless spirit. We propose to start a ‘Bulbuls’ unit for the students of lower classes too. This new venture yearns for more strength, in the years to come!



Parents are given maximum freedom to interact with teachers, and the problems dormant in them found concrete solutions; thereby bridging the gap between us; leading to a serene parent friendly environment in Sir Syed.

Our children are made "Better than the Best" by means of this entirely new endeavour. “Children are wax to receive and marble to retain”, So, we take the responsibility of their being given “the Very Best” they could imbibe and nourish!

Parents are made aware of their “Mammoth Role” in the upbringing and character formation of their children through PET and Individual Parental Counselling. We endeavour to guide the parents in this direction is bringing tangible results

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